mercoledì 23 luglio 2008

Mi sono tenuto l'iPhone 2

ed ho sbagliato.

Ora scappo a nanna, anche la mia tata mi reclama sul lettone.

Come confondere un Idiota

A volte, quando alla una sei ancora sveglio con i piedi sulla scrivania, il web ti riserva qualche sorpresa.
Quanto vorrei spedirlo a tutti in ufficio!

domenica 20 luglio 2008

How to disable EDGE on Iphone 2.0

This is a simple how to to disable or setup a personalized APN for all the carrier automatically recognized by the Iphone 2.0
e.g. Vodafone Italy

Vodafone, sets it's default apn to that isenabled only with an iphone data pack

If you have a different contract or you want to use a custom APN you could use the Apple Iphone Configuration Utility, available to enterprise users or navigate to 

This website create a custom policy that can be installed on any Iphone 2.0 and allows you to change your default APN

by using an invalid APN name you can even completely disable the Data.

The site is completely secure, as it only create a configuration file compatible with the Iphone that can be inspected with any text editor or xml viewer.

The safest procedure is:
Navigate to with Safari or your favourite browser
Follow the procedure to create a Fake APNand the Custom APN 

for Vodafone with daily mail is 
usr and pwd blank

download the configuration files on you Mac or Computer
inspect the file with a text editor, you'll see something like


This example will set the apn name to fake.novalid with a bad username and password
The xml file Can be also inspected during installation clicking on More details!

You'll be able to send the two files via email on your Iphone and use it:

When you'll see the message in the Mail you'll see two attachment.
Clicking on the one you'll need,  you'll be request to confirm the installation of the profile.

The profile can be removed going to 
Iphone->Settings->General->Profiles (bottom of the screen)


venerdì 11 luglio 2008

SSSHT IPOD touch firmware 2.0 download

don't tell nobody

courtesy of Ispazio

The full free ipod touch firmware 2.0 5A347 ready to be downloaded