lunedì 11 agosto 2008

Next Stop: New York

I've finally decided to leave this *ing place in August.

I'm leaving the day after tomorrow for The Big Apple.
Thanks to surveys I'll be able to fly in business for cheap.

I've found this night a nicy hotel in Manhattan

My iPhone 2G will be my travel companion, looking for places to visit and events to attend.
I hope to find a cheap option for data as prepaid .

If I'll be able to get there I'll keep you Informed.

martedì 5 agosto 2008

Upgrade Iphone to 2.0.1 and keep it unlocked

I've just Upgraded my 2G iPhone to 2.0.1 Firmware

'Cause a baseband upgrade is not present in this release it will not erase all the device but only upgrade the OS portion.

Pwnage unlock and everything Else is kept on the phone and will continue to work.

Cydia will no longer appear but I believe that will be still there to waste some space.

Good Luck